For those about to rock... we salute you!

Our community pages and magazine takes the form of regularly updated Wordpress,  Facebook and Twitter feeds.

We also have a YouTube video playlist and we have an Internet based radio broadcast with excellent music every week!

ROX itself is an online community/magazine of fans, musicians, promoters and others involved in music. Its purpose is to share, connect and promote the best in rock and metal worldwide from both signed and unsigned bands and solo musicians. We also write about cool gear, shows and anything rock and metal related that we think is cool.

Everyone is welcome to contribute, everyone is equal here.  There are no bosses, no music bizz ass-lickers and everyone is free to express their love of rock and metal and tell the world about the bands they love and listen to.

The magazine is written by musicians and fans for musicians and fans of the 70s, 80s eras of rock and metal as well as the music that followed in the footsteps of rock legends. No B.S. no false metal and no wannabees. We celebrate the music, bands and image of rock and metal in all its excessive, ear splittin glory. We also promote the bands and gear that are keeping the rock and metal flames alight; still touring, still recording albums and still rocking us all!

Please join us for loads of videos, news, tour info, quizzes and more!

Click on the pictures on the right to go to our Facebook site or go to our Interact page for the links to these as well as YouTube and Twitter.

So, what's on our facebook and twitter online magazine?


Rock and heavy metal track of the day

Birthdays and anniversaries

Concert of the week (youtube vids)

Cover art of the month

Guess the album quiz

Lyrics quiz

Roots of rock (featuring legends that helped shape rock and metal)

Guitar Godz

Cinema Rox (rock music in the movies)

Rock-on TV (whats on UK television this week)

Unsung heroes (bands that have kept going but never achieved massive success though they deserved to!)

Keepers of the flame (new bands keeping the music alive)

Youtube playlists (see media page)

Retro-views (reviews of classic albums that you should own)

plus reviews, gig news and lots more!

All are content is free and is provided by rock fans for rock fans. The fanpage and this site is run by you, for you!

All the media, apart from our own is provided without any perceived copyright infringements. We are simply providing a fansite to enjoy, discuss and promote  rock and metal.

If you want any media, news or other content added or removed please contact us or go to our Facebook page and add/remove it.

The ROX community is run by Roxie and Eddie but everyone involved is crazy about rock and heavy metal and work together for free to create online media that rocks the world!

Some of our stuff is so new, and way before other blogs and we have lots of exclusives too. If it rocks - it's in!

Join in today!!!!


Roxie is our main editor and runs the ROX Radio show on YouTube. She is a guitarist/vocalist and journalist who is mad about all things rock!

Eddie writes about all things metal. He is a bassist and if it makes his ears bleed - its cool in his book!

Anyone can take part too! This is a totally peerless community. Like rock? like metal? Join in!


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